The Award-Winning Benedict Gospel Choir

Groups & Ensembles

More than just singers…

The Award-Winning Benedict College Gospel Choir program is more than an excellent group of singers and performers; it is a group of highly skilled, well-trained group of pre-service professionals who utilize their many gifts “on and off “ the stage to produce great gospel music that inspires, motivates and entertains people of all ages, races and creeds.

Below is a brief list of the choir’s groups, ensembles and production teams. Our amazing students who are currently enrolled in the Benedict College Choir program manage each of these teams.

Performance Groups and Ensembles

1. Elevation – Appointed
2. Benedict Gospel Touring Choir – Appointed
3. BCGC Singers – Upperclassmen Only
4. Freshman Chorale – Freshmen Only
5. Women’s Ensemble
6. Men’s Ensemble
7. Benedict Gospel Mass Choir – All Groups and Ensembles Combined
8. BCGC Band
9. BCGC Mime Team
10. BCGC Steppers
11. BCGC Gospel Hip-Hop Dancers
12. BCGC Liturgical Dancers
13. BCGC Theater Ensemble
14. BCGC Bridge Program

Production and Management Teams

1. BCGC Radio
3. BCGC Records/Believe Music Group
4. “B” Right Productions
5. BCGC Independent Artist Alliance
6. BCGC Music Ministry Associates
7. BCGC Tech Crew
8. BCGC Fresh Start Experience

To request an appearance of any of our performing groups or ensembles please call our office
at 803-705-4525.